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Is Green communication politics?

Much discussion is being carried out on green communications. Some people support the idea as it can help to control the power consumption by communication systems. However, some people think it is a politic strategy by some companies. Their arguments are: If we look at the power consumption distribution at home, the communication facilities like [...]

Third workshop on Green Communications 2010 (GreenComm’10)

With the success of the first two workshops of green communications, the third workshop of green Communications (GreenComm) will be hold in Miami, Florida, USA, 10 December 2010, together with the well-known annual IEEE communications conference, IEEE Global Communications Conference (IEEE GLOBECOM 2010). The last two workshops were hold together with ICC 2009 and Globecom [...]

Energy-minimization in IP over WDM optical network for Green Communications

IP over WDM network is a popular network layered architecture for today’s transport network. Using WDM layer’s capacity and IP layer’s intelligence, the combination of the two layers are considered as a cost-effective scheme from the aspects of both network efficiency and operational simplicity. For IP over WDM networks, their power consumption has started to [...]

Green technologies are hot in OFC/NFOEC 2010

“Green” is a hot “word” in this year’s OFC/NFOEC. Everybody is considering to save energy in the communications areas from the lowest component level to the highest network architecture and protocols.  One of related panel session is Green Optical Networks: From Access to Core, organized by Hans-Martin Foisel from Deutsche Telekom, Germany. “In this workshop [...]