Green technologies are hot in OFC/NFOEC 2010

“Green” is a hot “word” in this year’s OFC/NFOEC. Everybody is considering to save energy in the communications areas from the lowest component level to the highest network architecture and protocols.  One of related panel session is Green Optical Networks: From Access to Core, organized by Hans-Martin Foisel from Deutsche Telekom, Germany. “In this workshop different views of carriers, vendors, R&D, standardisation bodies and initiatives on this new telecommunication challenge will be presented, covering:

  • New network design and architectures – allocation of functions
  • Evaluation of different technologies – from routers to optical network elements
  • New approaches to in-house networks
  • Content and processing power allocation – from customer end devices to carrier networks”

The second panel session is “OMD, Is All-Optical Processing Green?” organized by Javier Marti¹, Keith Williams². “The workshop addresses relevant key notes and further discussion on how AOP compares to all electrical processing and to hybrid opto-electronic processing in terms of power consumption efficiency. Figures of merit have to be defined to establish a fair comparison. Key visions on AOP’s opportunities in both ultra-high speed network node equipments (routing, demultiplexing, etc) and high-performance computing will also be addressed.”

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