How much we can save from Energy Efficient Ethernet (EEE)?

Research effort and standardization of Green Ethernet have been initialized. One answer that we may be interested in is how much we can save if we adopt the Energy Efficient Ethernet (EEE) technology for global hundreds of millions of NIC interfaces and Ethernet switch interfaces. According to estimation made by a research from Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, the energy saving will be large although compared to the energy consumption in other usage such as electronics. The following are some typical values estimated for US energy savings from EEE:

  • 1 Gb/s link EEE: $250 to 300 million per year
  • 10 Gb/s link EEE: $40 to 80 million per year

See this documentfor the detail. Although such saving is very small compared to the overall electricity consumption of the whole US, we believe that a small step accumulates a large progress!

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