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Cisco Greening Routers

“A free upgrade to the vendor’s IOS operating system being announced today will let some of Cisco’s enterprise routers handle power management. In the most ambitious cases, the router will team up with facilities-maintenance software to turn down lights on the weekends or move office laptops into battery mode.”…Lightreading .com Cisco just announced its new IOS [...]

Multiple Clock Domain (MCD) processor for energy saving

The clock frequency of a chip is related to its energy consumption. The higher frequency is, the more energy will be consumed. In a single-clock chip system, a unique clock is used everywhere for the whole chip, which however may not be energy-efficient because some domain in the chip may actually not require that high frequency.  To be [...]

How much we can save from Energy Efficient Ethernet (EEE)?

Research effort and standardization of Green Ethernet have been initialized. One answer that we may be interested in is how much we can save if we adopt the Energy Efficient Ethernet (EEE) technology for global hundreds of millions of NIC interfaces and Ethernet switch interfaces. According to estimation made by a research from Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, [...]

IEEE 802.3 Energy Efficient Ethernet Study Group

IEEE 802.3 Energy Efficient Ethernet Study Group was recently formed by IEEE to work on standardization of saving energy on Ethernet technology. The major idea of energy saving is to reduce power consumption based on the link utilization of Ethernet interface. For example, for an Ethernet interface that can support 10 Gb/s capacity, when the link utilization [...]